That Married Couple Productions, Inc. (TMCP) was formed in June 2010 to create music based visual media. The purpose for our production company is to explore independent musical/artists/culture national and international. In addition to our production company, we branched out to the podcast world. Our mission is to explore, re-ignite, educate and appreciate the music that came before us. Without the foundation and innovation of its original artists, the music as well as the foundation of sub-cultures would not exist.

Your favorite couple is back from their hiatus with an end-of-the-year episode. It’s short, sweet, and just the way you like it. Dr. VonRollalot starts it off with a tribute to Tame One of The Artifacts, and of course, Lady Elix spins her favorite from rap to UK house.

1.       Tame One – ‘ Homage 2 Da Bomberz’
2.       People Under the Stairs – ‘Dr. Feelgood’
3.       Tame One & Del The Funky Homosapien – ‘Before This’
4.       Queen Latifah feat. La Fem Markita – ‘Parlay’
5.       Artifacts – ‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’
6.       Saison – ‘Help Me’
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